Wall Mounted Soap Dispenser

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While several decades ago the standard when it came to public toilet soaps were the bars of soap. Nowadays, from highway gas stations to luxurious hotels and restaurants are using wall mounted soap dispensers in their bathrooms. The truth is that bars may be normal in your home, but they had a large disadvantage in public bathrooms: every person washing their hands had to touch the bar of soap and if a person would not clean his hands thoroughly, dirt and other residue would remain on it. Soap bars are also easier to steal. You may laugh, but many restaurants and hotels had to spend a lot of money on replacing their collection, as these would disappear quickly from the bathrooms.

The sanitation federal department had one main concern when they recommended public establishments to use wall mounted soap dispensers instead of soap bars. There was a large danger of germs spreading by many people using and touching the bars of soap one after another. Restaurants, for example, are places that must be kept clean the entire time and the staff working in their should be constantly clean and germ free. There have been reported cases when restaurant personnel become infected by taking different germs from soap bars. Recent medical recommendations say that restaurant personnel should have their own, private, bathroom and they are not allowed to touch the same bar that has been used for another person before them. You may say that soap is used to kill germs and bacteria and to remove dirt and residue, but the truth is that none can guarantee you a 100% germ killing action and some bacteria species can remain alive on bars of soap and areas around the bathroom sink.

These are unknown problems to wall mounted soap dispensers. By touching only the small plastic thing used to release the soap, the risk for germ contamination is greatly reduced (of course, there are some that use brass material in their construction, but those are a bit more expensive). Many people can use the same wall mounted soap dispenser one after another and none of them will touch the dispenser itself or another area around the sink. There are manually operated dispensers and there are automated devices that make use of infrared technology to sense when you are approaching your hands to it delivering a small quantity of soap on your hands. Many people think that their bathrooms will not look classy anymore if they install one. However, there are many types available: there are chrome finish devices, there are devices that imitate perfectly a wooden texture or transparent dispensers.

If your bathroom furniture has a certain color, there are wall mounted soap dispensers covered in many times of colored plastic. They are easy to install, requiring only minimum effort from you. You can use double adhesive tape or you can stick them to the wall using small screws. Refilling the dispenser is very easy too. All you have to do is lift its cover and pour the desired amount of liquid soap. Using this kind of refilling liquid is also a lot cheaper and convenient compared to using traditional bars in your bathroom. There are many shops offering you a large array of wall mounted soap dispensers. If you buy large quantities, you may even get a significant discount.


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