Tub Of The Week

In our first edition of Tub Of The Week we will be showing you the many bathroom design possibilities that are available with the Purescape 014 acrylic soaking tub.

The Purescape 014 is one of Aquatica's oldest tub models. Introduced back in 2004 this model has outlived and has been consistently outselling any other tub model to date. The Purescape 014 is available in seamless and non-seamless versions in 4 different configurations that could address nearly any possible site requirement:

  1. 63”L x 29.5”W
  2. 67”L x 31.5”W
  3. 70.75”L x 33.5”W
  4. 74.75”L x 35.5”W
Below we are enclosing few images showcasing both classical and modern design scenarios:


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