A Clean Hot Tub Makes Relaxing Easier

When it comes to hot tubs, Alaska has more than its share of them. Thats because there is nothing quite like sitting in a hot tub in cold weather and watching the Northern Lights. Cleaning and draining a hot tub, however, is a less relaxing part of the experience.

Cleaning a hot tub isnt a difficult process, but there are a few pitfalls to avoid. Hot tubs have three components that need cleaning: the filter, the acrylic shell and the vinyl cover.

For filters, various commercial cleaners are available from hot tub dealers. Some are spray-on cleaners while others involve soaking the filter in a tub of water. Filters can be cleaned once a month or every time the hot tub is drained.

The key to cleaning the acrylic shell is choosing the right type of cleaner and cleaning pad. Household cleaners or a special hot tub cleaner will work. But neither the cleaner nor the pad must be so abrasive that they scratch the shell. You should test a cleaner or pad on a small unobtrusive part of the shell if you think it might be abrasive because scratches will be permanent.

Cleaners that produce lots of suds also can cause problems if the shell isnt rinsed thoroughly after cleaning. Cleaning residue can cause bubbling foam when the tub is refilled.

Cold weather raises other concerns in cleaning hot tubs. Fairbanks hot tub owners, for example, may want to use an alcohol-based instead of a water-based cleaner in cold weather because it takes longer to freeze and evaporates quickly. One hot tub manufacturer recommends using window cleaners for the acrylic shell.

After choosing the cleaner and pad, wipe down the inside of the shell, rinse it and drain the water. If some stains or scum arent removed by the cleaner, then a special type of cleaner may be needed for them. Once again, its important to choose non-abrasive special cleaners.

Regular cleaning of the vinyl cover also is important to keep it from deteriorating when exposed to the weather. You can clean the cover each time you clean the filter. After cleaning the cover, apply a vinyl protector. Special vinyl cleaners and protectors for hot tub covers are available from dealers, but general types of vinyl cleaners and protectors also can be used.

Arctic Home Living is a great resource with a lot of information about caring for your spa or hot tub. With locations in Anchorage, Fairbanks and Wasilla, the company provides quality hot tub service and has a Facebook page that offers a great way to interact with other hot tub owners.

After your hot tubs filter, shell and cover are cleaned, refill the tub and then its time to return to the relaxing feature of hot tubs spas. Anchorage hot tub owners and others throughout Alaska then can go back to enjoying those Northern Lights.


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