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If you want to learn something about walk-in bathtubs, then you want to read this article. First we are going to discuss the features that make walk-in bathtubs more user-friendly than the standard bathtub. Then we will look at some of the therapeutic benefits provided by walk-in bathtubs. And finally, we will look at the options available for purchasing a walk-in bathtub. After reading this article, you should be able to determine whether purchasing a walk-in bathtub would benefit you.

Features in a walk-in bathtub

One of the primary features that distinguishes a walk-in bathtub from a standard bathtub is the way you enter the tub. Walk-in bathtubs are available with doors that open to the inside and doors that open to the outside. The threshold for the door is very low making it easier to enter the tub, especially for someone who has difficulty with balance.

Doors that open to the inside can make installing a walk-in bathtub more convenient because the swing of the door does not have to be accommodated in the installation. Some manufacturers claim a door that opens to the outside is safer because the latch can be released, and the water can flow out into the room if something happens to the person in the tub. No statistics exist to prove that this is an important safety feature.

Another feature that is very important in walk-in bathtub is the ability to drain water away rapidly. Most bathtub drains are approximately 1-1/2 inches in diameter. A walk-in bathtub should have two drains of this size. This allows water to drain away twice as fast. The advantage of this feature is you don't have to wait very long before you can open the door. My favorite trick is to clean the walls of the tub while I am waiting for the water to drain. The light activity keeps me from getting cold, and I always have a clean tub.

Therapeutic benefits of a walk-in bathtub

Just soaking in a bathtub full of hot water is therapeutic in its own right. If you purchase a walk-in bathtub with Whirlpool and/or air jet features, you can add the benefits of gentle massage to your bath. This can help relax stiff joints and improve your range of motion.

If you add aromatherapy to the bath, these effects are enhanced. The addition of lavender essential oil to the bath not only softens the skin, but it also helps to relax the entire system. This can help improve sleep quality. The addition of grapefruit essential oil helps to generate a positive mood while helping to improve digestion. It also is beneficial for the skin. Adding basil essential oil can steady the nerves and ease sinus congestion. Bay essential oil benefits the respiratory system and the digestive system.

How to purchase a walk-in bathtub

Walk-in bathtubs are most readily available through online sites, though if you live in a large city you may find a local vendor with a supply of walk-in bathtub models to choose from.

Before you even begin to shop for a walk-in bathtub, make sure you know the measurements of the space you are fitting the tub into. If you do choose to purchase a tub with a door that swings out into the bathroom, make sure that you're buying a model that works with your bathroom layout. Get the measurements for any doorways the tub may have to pass through. This will prevent you from ordering a tub you won't be able to use.

If you are buying online, compare the specifications provided by the different manufacturers.

* What kind of bracing is used in the tub design? Inadequate bracing can lead to tub collapse or damage.
* What materials are used? Fiberglass with a gelcoat is acceptable, but it isn't as durable as acrylic. Acrylics can come in different thicknesses so make sure to compare this spec between the manufacturers and models you're considering.
* What kind of warranty is available? A warranty is only as good as the company behind it. Don't only look at the length of the warranty, but also consider the rating of the company that manufactures the walk-in bathtub. That's who you usually deal with when there's a warranty issue.

Also before you buy online, compare the service promised by the company you are purchasing the walk-in tub from.

* What is the return policy? Make sure that the company pays all return costs if they ship you the wrong tub.
* What are the shipping costs? This can be extremely important, especially when you are shopping on the Internet. That great tub price might not end up as good a bargain compared to a model available locally when you add the freight costs to the purchase price.

And finally, before you place your order, make sure you know what the installation costs are going to be. If you are not doing the work yourself, this can be very important. Get more than one bid on the cost of installing a walk-in bathtub. And always do a thorough background check on the contractors you are considering.

This information should help you understand a little bit more about walk-in bathtubs and how they could benefit you. Aside from the design features, walk-in bathtubs offer the potential of a therapeutic experience. If you use the Internet to purchase your walk-in bathtub, you can compare the many features available from different manufacturers and get the best price value at the same time.


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Purchasing walk in bathtubs is the best thing I ever done. I feel so secure, no need for help when I bathe now.

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Hi Friends,

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