New Lb3 Bathroom Designs by Laufen

modern bathroom suites
These Laufen modern bathrooms concept is refined and tasteful – the new Lb3 bathroom designs by Ludovica & Roberto Palomba. These three bathroom suites stick to the essence of what’s really important: great looking furniture with high quality finishes in real wood veneer (white, oak, wenge). Modern, Classic and Design elements of the Lb3 design can be interchanged eclectically for an exciting bathroom interior. The Modern range has a formal edge, but is open and fresh, with unenclosed vanities. Classic will appeal to those fond of 19th century interiors, yet the iconic circular chromed handles and chromed metallic legs of the units bring it up-to-date with style. Design bathroom range is for individualists – featuring clean lines and a minimalist essence. Reflecting the well-planned Modernist movement of the 20th century, the Lb3 bathroom design is presented by Laufen.

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modern bathroom suites


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