What Are Different Types of Bathtubs?

Do you enjoy bathing in a bathtub that is not only comfy but also very stylish? Most of the people want bathtub in their bathroom but are not familiar with the different types of available bath tubs. So here is a quick view on their types so that you can have the best in your bathroom.

Bathtub by Material
Varied materials are used to make bathing tub. You can have the one in acrylic, enamel, iron, fiberglass, steel and even in wood. But in all these, acrylic is the most popular one as this material is very light in weight and at the same time durable and tough. It is said that acrylic bathtub has the strength of steel because of the fiberglass. Also do not worry about the color and design as there is no limit to this. These are not painted from outside but made from the color fasting technique to give life to the color as well as design. Hence once installed means a lifelong thing. If you are looking for something heavy then pick the steel bathtub and prefer it over the iron as it wont rust or corrode like later. Some people love to have wood bathtubs in bathroom. These are made from special wood. Mahogany wood is very popular as it gives smooth and elegant look.

Bathtub By Shape and Design


This type of bathtub has legs in the form of claw but was more prevalent in 19th century. Originally iron and the porcelain lining was used to make this but now these are also available in fiberglass. Water requirement in this type of tub is more than others.

Pedestal Bathtub
This is basically a type of clawfoot and largely available in oval shape. From the front side it is straight with slope at back. These have a base to stand on and completely outside the floor. These are placed in free standing position and thus very easy to install. Installation of faucets is done on the wall or floor. This feature allows water to be filled at much deeper level than other types.

Drop-in Bath Tubs
These are made in the floor and also called sunken or soak in bathtubs. These have no exterior portion as the whole is embedded in the ground. Generally installed on a mounted portion and given step to enter inside.

Alcove Bathtubs
Alcove are built-in type of tubs that is enclosed from three sides with one side open.

Generally these are covered by shower curtain from the open side. Drain is either given on the right or the left side of the tub. So at the type of buying define your requirement.

Whirlpool Bathtubs
There was rage of these during 1960s and 70s in USA but now also whirlpools are quiet popular. It now popular with the name 'jacuzzi'. Air bubbles keep refreshing the water and give very soft massage thus this is really very relaxing type of bathtub.


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