5 Critical Steps to Take Before Choosing Your New Bathtub

With the variety of bathtubs available on the market today choosing the right one for your new bathroom seems like an easy task. But despite how simple it may seem, the wrong bathtub can have devastating effects upon a bathroom renovation. There are several important things to consider before running out and buying a bathtub. And with a little research, the right bathtub can mean the difference between a good bathroom remodel and a great one.

The first thing to consider about your new bathtub is its functionality. What you will be using the bathtub for? Will it just be used as the collecting bin for the water of your shower? Or will you actually use it as a bathtub? If it's the latter, then a whirlpool tub might be a viable option. They come with soothing jets and are molded with steps and seats that can turn a normal bathtub into a luxurious spa.

The second important aspect is the size of your bathroom. The bathtub will likely take up the largest amount of space so it's essential that you purchase a tub that fits well with what you have to work with. This is certainly true for small bathrooms, but it's important for large bathrooms as well. From a designer's perspective, a small tub in a large bathroom can ruin the flow of space, so it's absolutely essential that the bathtub is proportional to the surrounding area that it occupies.

The third aspect is the design and color of your bathtub. Before buying your tub make sure you know what color the surrounding walls will be, and what geometric layout the room offers for the tub itself. You can choose from rectangular tubs, cornered tubs, and even tubs in the shapes of hearts. Needless to say, extensive research in this area is extremely important before purchase.

The material of the bathtub should also be considered. Bathtubs are usually made of acrylic, marble, cast iron, and even wood. Because they are exposed to daily water exposure, soaps, mildews, and harsh chemicals, you should select the materials as a need of functionality. If one bathtub accommodates an entire household for example, then it may be best to choose materials such as cast iron or acrylic for their strength and durability.

Lastly, a standard bathtub is perfect for regular bathing, but if you would like your bathtub to be a relaxing place to soak and unwind, you can opt for what's called a soaking bathtub. A soaking bathtub allows for full body submersion, and they are made to cradle the body much better than a standard bathtub.


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